S1 E4: Alexander Disease with Dr. Bahri Karacay

Dr. Bahri Karaçay studies Alexander Disease, a rare genetic disease that causes devastating health consequences in those affected. Dr. Karaçay is a Research Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology at the University of Iowa. He is also an avid writer and podcaster. His book, Yaşamın Sırrı DNA (The Secret of Life DNA) is a bestseller in Turkey. Dr. Karaçay has also garnered a large reader-base through this contributions to the Turkish magazine Bilim ve Teknik. His regular podcast, entitled ‘Science with Bahri Karacay’, is the #1 science podcast in Turkey. In what little free time Dr. Karaçay has, he enjoys performing with his band, Turkana.

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S1 E3: Environmental Radiation with Dustin May

Dustin May is the laboratory supervisor at the State Hygienic Laboratory’s radiochemistry and nutrient demand departments. He graduated from the University of Iowa in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, with ten years of experience in radioanalytical chemistry and five years of experience in analytical chemistry. Dustin is currently a PhD student in the Interdisciplinary Human Toxicology Program at the University of Iowa, focusing on naturally occurring radioactivity in Iowa groundwater and its impact on public health.

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S1 E2: Dr. Carol Scott-Conner; Breast Surgeon, Scientist and Author

Dr. Carol Scott-Conner obtained her BS in Electrical Engineering from MIT in 1969, and her MD from New York University School of Medicine in 1976. She was the second woman in American history to be appointed to Head of the Department of Surgery at a major hospital – The University of Iowa in 1995. She has authored or co-authored nine major surgical texts and has written two collections of medical short stories, in addition to a series of How To’s on medical writing. She works with NASA, the Iowa Summer Writing Festival, and many academic collaborators across the nation. We were fortunate to be able to sit down and talk with Dr. Scott-Conner about breast cancer research, dietary effects on breast cancer, and mystery novels.

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S1 E1: Dr. Lori Adams and Brinda Shetty on Science Communication
Lori Adams, PhD and Brinda Shetty are no strangers to new ideas. Nor are they strangers to building those ideas from the ground up. The Latham Science Engagement Initiative (LSEI) began in 2015 following a generous donation by Robert J. and Sue B. Latham of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. With the goal of enhancing research opportunities for select undergraduate students and strengthening the ways in which research is conveyed, LSEI is poised to make substantial impacts on the University of Iowa’s scientific community. Adams is the Program Director of the LSEI. She is also Co-Director of the Iowa Biosciences Academy and a Lecturer in the Department of Biology, where she teaches Ways of Knowing Science, Communicating Research, and Biology Honors Seminars. Shetty is Program Coordinator for the LSEI, Program Coordinator for the Iowa Biosciences Academy and an Administrative Services Coordinator in the Department of Biology. We sat down with Lori and Brinda to discuss topics ranging from the implementation and growth of novel ideas to public speaking (and falling) in front of audiences. Last but not least, we prove the existence of sasquatch and extraterrestrial life.

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S1 Pilot: Making of a Podcast with David Etler

David Etler began The Short Coat Podcast in 2010. What originally began as a free-to-explore and humorous look at the world of medical school has quickly taken on a meaningful and informative life of its own. The Short Coat Podcast is intensely rich in narrative, deep in conversation, and focused in its approach. With over 120 episodes (and counting), Etler’s podcast features world-famous scientists and clinicians in candid discussions with current medical students. We sat down with this charismatic creator to get his take on a multitude of issues, from making science ‘sexy’ to the fundamentals of developing podcasts that are worth listening to.

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